Our Story: Indochine Bistro Since 2015

About Indochine Bistro: A Culinary Legacy Since 2015

Opening of Indochine Bistro in Jl Palagan, Yogyakarta

Welcome to Indochine Bistro, nestled in the vibrant heart of Palagan, Yogyakarta. Since our inception in 2015, we’ve embarked on a mission to bring the exquisite flavors of Vietnamese and Thai cuisine to the forefront of Yogyakarta’s dining scene. Our philosophy is rooted in delivering a memorable dining experience that transports you to the heart of Southeast Asia with every bite.

Our Culinary Journey

Indochine Bistro is the result of a profound passion for the diverse and rich tastes of Southeast Asia. Founded by culinary enthusiasts with a deep appreciation for the region’s food culture, our bistro is a tribute to the flavorsome and vibrant dishes that define Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. With a focus on quality, freshness, and sustainability, we’ve meticulously crafted a menu that mirrors the essence of our culinary adventure—a testament to the unique, healthy, and delightful dishes we serve.

Why Choose Indochine Bistro?

  • True to Tradition: Our menu is a vibrant mosaic of flavors, each dish crafted to reflect the true spirit of its origins. From the hearty bowls of Pho to the zestful Pad Thai, we honor the traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations.
  • Diverse Menu Offerings: At Indochine Bistro, the joy of sharing food is paramount. Our menu is designed to cater to all palates, including a wide selection of vegan options, ensuring everyone can find something to relish.
  • A Haven of Comfort: Beyond our culinary offerings, Indochine Bistro is dedicated to providing a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere. Our space is thoughtfully designed to ensure comfort and connection, complete with modern amenities like free WiFi, air-conditioning, and facilities for our little guests.
  • Committed to Sustainability: We believe in the importance of sustainability, from sourcing our ingredients from local suppliers to implementing eco-friendly practices in our operations. Our goal is to offer delectable meals while making a positive impact on our community and the environment.

Be Part of Our Story

Indochine Bistro is more than a restaurant; it’s a place where food, culture, and community come together. Since 2015, we’ve been a culinary haven where every dish served is an invitation to explore the rich flavors of Vietnam and Thailand. Visit us in Palagan, Yogyakarta, and experience the warm, inviting atmosphere that makes Indochine Bistro a beloved part of the community—a place where every meal is an occasion, and every guest is part of our extended family.